No Picture


January 12, 2017 forseniors 0

  Passwords are a tricky situation, we need them for all our accounts, but it becomes so difficult, when there are so many different accounts […]

Alternatives to TV

January 9, 2017 forseniors 0

You may have noticed recently a trend towards people watching TV and movies from their computer or from the Internet via little boxes attached to […]

Urban Dictonary

January 6, 2017 forseniors 0

Urban dictionary Have you ever listened to people speak but not understood what they are talking about ? perhaps there is a term that they […]

Medical Searches

November 18, 2016 forseniors 0

You may have heard a range of advice about, self diagnosing on the internet and I am about to offer my two cents worth regarding […]


November 13, 2016 forseniors 0

  There has been a lot in the news lately regarding immunisations, and getting children immunised, however it is equally important for other Australians to […]

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