5 reasons to get a dog when retiring

There was a time when retirement was guaranteed with a gold watch and pension. But unfortunately, those days are long gone and now people can’t even rely on their own family to spend rest of the life peacefully. Amid all the financial and retirement planning, something that stands out for a retired senior, is the fact that he/she is taken proper care of. But is that love and concern present only in humans? How about having a pet dog as your companion in the latter phase of life? Well, here are 5 reasons why one should get a dog for themselves on retirement.

A dog cheers you up and keeps you healthy

In old age, physical exercise is of utmost importance for a healthy lifestyle and a dog is the best physical trainer a person can hire. You may take a day off and lay on the bed without moving an inch, but with your pet dog around you just cannot simply ignore his quota of walking. They need to be walked everyday and by the virtue of that, you also take part in the physical activity, which you wouldn’t have done otherwise without a dog. Every time you feel lazy to go out, those cheerful eyes on tenterhooks will entice you to get off the bed and get running.

A dog is a stress-buster

Nothing in the world can be better than having a compassionate listener right by your side especially when you feel low. A dog will listen to every word of yours and hang on silently till you have finished. Even though that doesn’t make much sense to them, it’s pleasant to have that tepid body to nuzzle with. They won’t question you back and they won’t oppose; rather they will try to engage in you some kind of activity, such that your mind flushes out all the worries and you are up there again.

A dog is a mean of social interaction

How often have we seen two dog owners from different parts of the town get along together very well, every morning at the park. This relation is solely by virtue of the dog; they are friendly and they always find their match. In that exchange, the owners also become true friends. There is a good chance you may also find a number of retired people like you, to interact with. With few friends to chat and a group of dogs around, there is nothing more you can ask for.

A dog trains you and you do the same

Owning a dog is a kind of responsibility and if you lack that sense, the dog will teach you in terms of their body language. They will make you disciplined according to their needs; the time they need food, the time they need a walk and whether they are content with the surroundings. In return, you also train your dog to follow the basic rules of home and get accustomed to human fashion to some extent.

A dog will always be loyal to you

A bonding with loyal and faithful animal like a dog is something that no human being can duplicate. Over the entire lifetime, they observe people around them and reflect priceless emotions for the same. What else one would require in this phase of life to sit back at home and not feel lonely when the outside world has gone tough for them. It’s a bit odd to say, but dogs really are a wonderful creation of god who can converse in expressions that are much better than words.

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