Brain exercises for seniors: 17 exercises

Do you find yourself walking into a room and forgetting why? Or you just can’t find those keys? Well these do not necessarily have to be apart of aging  Your brain is still capable at any age of repairing and creating new information. If you are concerned it may be something more serious, see our table at the end of this article, but if you thin it might just be old age, well then it is time to get brain fit, and exercise your brain back into gear.

1. Exercise

A healthy body also promotes a healthy mind. Getting regular exercise is a great way to promote a healthy brain.

2. Play 

Play brain games, exercise what you have, if you don’t use it you might just lose it. Crosswords, sudoko or even just reading a section of the paper you might usually skim over are a great way to exercise your brain.

3. Socialise 

Join a club, go out regularly or play games with friends once a week. Not only do these create a new fun memory, but socialising helps to ward of isolation and depression, and keep our brains fighting fit.

4. Learn 

There is nothing stopping you from learning new things: a new language, or a short course in a topic you have had an interest in, perhaps learning a new craft, these all stimulate the brian and expand its capacity.

5. Exercise your brain

Use it or lose it; you need to work on your brain. It is a muscle and needs to be used. Challenge yourself.

6. Concentrate

If you are losing things, sometimes it is not because we are getting older, it is that there are many things demanding our attention, and our brain may let one slip. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time and you will find your memory for that task improves.

7. Get organised

A disorganised house is often a sign of a disorganised brain, try and keep things in a certain spot in the house to avoid confusion.

8. Have a memory box

This is place near the door where you can place all your need items, such as keys, phone, wallet, things that you need when you leave the house. That way you always know where to look.

9. Eat well 

Eat foods that promote a healthy brain such as fruit, vegetables and lean meat. Try and avoid fatty, oily foods that contain little nutritional value.

10. Water 

Remember to drink plenty of water, our brain needs water to function well.

11. Sleep 

Sleep the right amount, too much or too little will leave you feeling tired and sluggish and no-one can think feeling like that. The amount of time you need to sleep will vary, but if you are worried, go and see your health care professional.

12. Music

If you can play a musical instrument, this stimulates so many areas of the brain. If you are not so talented, listen to music and reminisce with music, stimulating a range of different areas of the brain.

13. Journal 

Help yourself remember. Not only do journals help jog the memory they serve as a little piece of your history and are interesting for family members.

14. Relax

Stress is not healthy. Try to avoid stressful situations where possible, If it is unavoidable, meditate or try a soothing yoga or tai chi, to relax the brain.

15. Pet

Perhaps you have been thinking about getting a pet. Not only are they are great friend and improve our feelings of isolation, they are also great to motivate us to exercise. Please get a rescue dog from the pound if you decide to, this is great for both of you.

16. Computer games

Often there are Wii or computer games that have great brain training program. The games can be a lot of fun and claim to help your brain. While this may or may not be the case, engaging yourself in a fun activity and learning the skill of using a computer or games machine is definitely beneficial.

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