Cuff – personal security device that looks good

 Cuff is billed as a personal security device that is wearable, and that is a fairly accurate brief.

Cuff is a small chip that can be inserted into a range of different jewellery types. It is activated when the wearer presses the cuff, and this then sends an alert.

Alerts are sent to a preselected circle of friends, an alert is sent to their phone, and if they are wearing a cuff as well, it will also vibrate. The information that they receive to their phone will include your location.

A cuff can also be used as a means of sending a message to a particular person in your circle, this will send a smaller alert and a smaller vibration that lets your fried or family member know that it is not an emergency but that you are trying to reach them.

An alert is a great way to keep in contact with family and friends, but also an incredible way to ensure that they are safe, and have access to help wherever they are.

Watch the video and read the website to see a little more about Cuff. 

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