Fire Levy news for Victorians

In some states and territories there are mandatory fire levies  The fire levy goes towards both the metropolitan fire serves and the country fire services.

Previously in Victoria this was collected through insurance policies, so that residents who had insurance against fire would pay a levy which would then go to the fire services. This is no longer the case as of July the 1st 2013, when insurance companies can no longer charge for this levy. Instead, local councils will now be responsible for collecting the levy from all households.

From now on, at the same time that people pay their council rates, the fire levy will be collected, these will come as separate notices. The levy is caluactlated as a base rate and then a variable cost is added that calculates the type of property you own and its capital improved value. The website below, has some case studies and the rates applicable in the section “contributing to the levy”.

If you have any questions you should visit:

There are concessions for pensioners, please call 1800 658 521.

You should not be charged for your fire levy in your insurance after the 1st of July 2013, if you think that this hs not be taken into account on your policy please contact the Victorian fire levy monitor for assistance:

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