How do I get a Seniors Card

1. What is a seniors card?

A seniors card is an important card to have if you are planning on making savings on day to day activities throughout retirement. A seniors card is as simple as it sounds, it is a card issued by the government in Australia to senior citizens, entitling them to reduced rates for some government services as well as services in the private sector for participating businesses.

Seniors cards are issues by each state and territory, however seniors cards can be used interstate, for some services and businesses. We will go through some of the main services that will accept a seniors card and then the steps you will need to take in order to receive a seniors card.

The steps may vary state to state, and while we have made every effort to give you the correct information, much of the information given below is taken directly from the following website: Please note the process is subject to change, ensure you check the previous website or call to ensure information is still correct. Relevant websites and contacts are also given at the end of this article.

2. How do you get a seniors card in NSW (New South Wales)?

Official website:

1. This card is not means tested, but you must not work more than 20 hours per week and you must be a NSW resident and you must be 60 years of age.

2. You must complete a seniors card application form.

3. You can find the form at the following locations, and underlined words can be clicked on with your mouse and you will be taken directly to the website:

– Online application
– Centrelink offices in NSW
– ADHC Regional offices
– Legislative Assembly Members’ Electorate Offices
– NSW Government Access Centres
– NSW local council offices
– NSW Office of Fair Trading centres
– Participating local council libraries
– NSW Trustee & Guardian Offices
– Seniors Card call centre. Phone 1300 364758 (9am – 5pm week days).


4. In order to complete this form you will need an authorized witness. An authorized witness may be any of the following:

– A justice of the peace. Find a registered JP at NSW Justice of the Peace – Please note that JP’s now must be registered and have a JP number. The previous link will direct you to the JP’s registered in NSW. You must not use a JP that is related to you, nor can JP’s accept money or gifts for their services.
– A solicitor or barrister admitted to practice in NSW;
– A notary public
– A commissioner for affidavits
– The Registrar-General or a deputy registrar general

5. You will need the authorized witness to verify your identity, age, Australian residency and NSW address.

6. The authorized witness will also need to witness your statutory declaration, so wait and sign this form in front of the authorized witness.

7. Mail your completed application to: Locked Bag 7001 Liverpool NSW 1871.

8. Allow 21 days from the day that the office receives your application

3. Seniors cards in Queensland (QLD)

1. In QLD you have the option of having a seniors card or a seniors card +go or a seniors business discount card.

2. The go card is a transport card for South East QLD. The seniors card +go works the same as the seniors card, but it is just the addition of the transport go card.

3. You are able to upgrade from a seniors card to a seniors card +go. If you already have a seniors card you can upgrade to a seniors card +go and you will not have to pay the $5 refundable card deposit.

4. You may be eligible for a seniors business discount card if you are not eligible for either the seniors card or the seniors +go cards.

5. There are a range of eligibility criteria in QLD.

For a seniors card and seniors+go card the residency and age requirements are as follows:

– You must be a permanent resident of Queensland.

– You must live in Queensland for at least 6 months of the year and your home address must be shown on your driver licence or be registered as your home address with (at least) 1 of the following:

• Electoral Commission of Queensland

• Centrelink

• Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs

• You are 65 years or older and not working full-time*


• You are 60–64 years, not working full-time* and the holder of one of the below:

• Pensioner Concession Card

• Health Care Card

• Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

• Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold, White or Orange card

*Not working full time means working less than 35 hours each week on average in paid employment.

7. For a seniors business discount card the residency and age eligibility is as follows:

• You must be a permanent resident of Queensland.

• You must live in Queensland for at least 6 months of the year and your home address must be shown on your driver licence or be registered as your home address with (at least) 1 of the following:

• Electoral Commission of Queensland

• Centrelink

• Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs

• You are 60 years or older

8. The application process for all three cards is the same and you will be given the card that gives you the most benefits based on your eligibility.

9. You are able to apply 2 months before your 60th birthday but you will not be issued with your card until you turn 60.


10. You are able to update your eligibility online if it changes or request to cancel or apply for another card if yours is lost or stolen. Simply click on the following link: update, replace or cancel your card.

11. To apply you simply need to fill out the form.

12. You can find the form at the following locations, and underlined words can be clicked on with your mouse and you will be taken directly to the website:

Online seniors application form. (just click this link)

– You can print and post the form, simply print it by clicking the following link, however you must have adobe reader installed, unless you have a mac computer in which case it is already installed.

Senior card application (PDF, 860KB)

Post the completed form to:

Card Services

Smart Service Queensland

Reply Paid 10817

Brisbane Adelaide Street  QLD  4000

– Call: 13 QGOV (13 74 68) to complete your application over the phone.

– Visit a  QGAP office or Queensland Government Service Counter    .

13. In order to complete this form you will be asked to provide one of the reference numbers below, The name on your officai document must be the same as the name used in your application:

 Your Centrelink customer reference number (CRN)

 Your Department of Veterans’ Affairs file number

You can provide an image or photocopy of your:

• birth certificate

• passport

• Queensland driver licence

• Queensland adult proof-of-age-card.

14. Allow 4 weeks from the day that the office receives your application to receive your card, unless you have applied before your 60th birthday, in which case, you will receive your card once you are eligible.

The official seniors card website for Queensland is available here:

4. How do I get a seniors card in NT (Northern Territory)?

1. A seniors card is available to any territorian aged 60 or more and is a territory resident.

2. Please note this is not the same as the Northern Territory Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme (NTPCCS) and these are separate schemes.

3. To apply for your seniors card you must complete a form

– The form is available online at: Seniors Card Application Form

– Or you are able to call a free-call: 1800 777 704

– You can send your application to: Seniors Card, PO Box 40596, CASUARINA NT 0811

4. You will need a witness over the age of 18 in ordefr to complete your form

5. NT cards are lifetime cards, however you are able to order replacemtns cards if your card is lost, stolen or damaged at: by calling 1800 777 704 or emailing

5. Getting a seniors card in South Australia

1. A seniors card in SA is free and there is no income or pension limit.

2. To be eligible for a seniors card in South Australia you must meet the following three criteria:

• you’re aged 60 years or older

• you’re a permanent South Australian resident

• you’re not working more than 20 hours per week in paid employment (part-time and casual employees may average their hours over a 12 month period)

3. You are able to apply online for a SA seniors card by clicking on the following link:

Apply for a Seniors Card online 

Alternatively you can download and complete a form by clicking the following link:

Downloadable seniors card application

Then either:

Fax to: 8204 2430

Or post to:

Seniors Card

PO Box 196

Rundle Mall SA 5000

Application forms are also available from Australia Post outlets or by phoning (free call) 1800 819 961.

4. You must sign the form in front of someone who is over 18 years of age and not related to you. They must sight your birth certificate, driver’s licence, passport or a similar document as proof of your date of birth.

5. You will receive your card within two to three weeks.

In SA ,You will receive a copy of the Seniors Card Discount Directory, Your Lifestyle Guide with your card. In the meantime, visit the online version to find out about the discounts and benefits your Seniors Card entitles you to.

6. How do you get a seniors card in Victoria?

1. To be eligible for a Victorian Seniors Card, you must meet each of the following criteria:

• You must be 60 years of age or over

• Working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment, or fully retired

• A permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria -Permanent resident of Australia’ is defined as Australian citizens and all holders of Australian permanent visas.

Residing in Victoria’ means that an applicant’s primary residence, at which they spend the majority of the year, is in Victoria.

If you do not meet all three of these criteria, you are not eligible.

2. You can apply up to 3 weeks before your 60th birthday, if you meet the other two eligibility criteria.

3. To order a VIC seniors card you can Download an application form from this link

Seniors Card application form

It can be printed, completed and returned to :

GPO box 4316, Melbourne VIC 3001

Note: Due to requirements for the data processing of the application form, the form is provided in PDF format only. If you require the form in an alternative format please or phone 1300 797 210. Use the National Relay Service on 13 36 77 if required.

4. Seniors Card application forms are available from Australia Post outlets for pick up. You can also scan and email your completed form to:

4. You will need a member an authorised member of the community to witness your Satutory declaration this can be: accountants, doctors, Justices of the Peace, local councillors, pharmacists, prescribed public servants, solicitors, state or federal members of parliament, sworn members of the police force and veterinarians.

5. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks to process your application and receive your card.

6. If you require an interpreter to contact the Seniors Card Program, please call the Telephone and Interpreter Service on 13 14 50.

7. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech impairment, please dial the National Relay Service (NRS) on 133 677 before contacting the Seniors Card Program.

7. How do I get a seniors card in Western Australia (WA)?

1. To be eligible for A WA seniors card you must:

– be 60 years of age or over (you must attach a photocopy of a proof of age document).

– be not in full-time employment (i.e. I work 25 hours or less a week, averaged over a 12 month period).

– be a permanent resident of Western Australia.

2. This is a lifetime card that does not need to be renewed, but it can be replaced if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

3. You must complete and return the form which you can find at any of the following:

Download a WA Seniors Card Application form     

• from the WA Seniors Card Centre,

• Australia Post,

• major banks,

• local government offices and Members of Parliament electorate offices.

5. Forms can be returned to: WA Seniors Card Centre, Locked Bag 3, Perth Business Centre WA 6849

6. In order to complete this form you will need someone to witness your statutory declaration, any of the following is acceptable, please take your proof of age with you to your witness:

Academic (post secondary




Australian Consular Officer

Australian Diplomatic Officer


Bank Manager

Chartered Secretary



Company Auditor or Liquidator

Court Officer

Defence Force Officer




Industrial Organisation Secretary



Insurance Broker

Justice of the Peace


Local Government

CEO or Deputy CEO

Local Government


Loss Adjuster

Marriage Celebrant

Member of Parliament

Minister of Religion



Patent Attorney



Police Officer

Post Office Manager


Public Notary

Public Servant

(Commonwealth or State)

Real Estate Agent

Settlement Agent

Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff



Tribunal Officer

Veterinary Surgeon

or any person who is eligible to witness a statutory declaration under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 of the Commonwealth.

7. You must also provide a proof of identity this might be: Driver’s Licence, Aged Pensioner Concession Card, Passport, Birth and Marriage Certificates – if name has changed, Proof of Age Card(issued by Department of Transport)

8. Your proof of age document must be in the same name  as your application. Should your name not match, legal documentation is required to identify your name and date of birth.

9. The Seniors Card Hotline number is: (08) 6551 8800 or 1800 671 233 (country free call) between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm weekdays.

8. Seniors cards in Tasmania

1. The program is free to join and is not asset tested. The Seniors Card is a business discount card not a concessions card. For information on concessions see the Tasmanian Government Concessions Guide.

2. To be eligible for the free lifelong Tasmanian Seniors Card you must be:

– A resident of the State,

– 60 years of age or over, and

– Not working more than 20 hours per week in paid employment.

3. You can apply for a Tasmanian Seniors Card over the counter at any Service Tasmania Shop.

4. You can download and print a copy of the card holder application from here. You will still need to take your completed application form along with your three pieces of evidence to any of the Service Tasmania Shops for processing.

5. Once the application form is completed, return it to a Customer Service Officer at Service Tasmania with three original pieces of identification from the list below, one must have your date of birth and one must provide proof of your Tasmanian address.

• Australian Birth certificate (extract acceptable) or Australian Citizenship papers

• Passport

• Driver’s licence or Firearms licence

• Medicare Card

• Credit card/debit card with your signature

• Department of Veterans Affairs Card or Centrelink Aged Pension Card

• Change of Name or Marriage Certificate (from Births, Deaths and Marriages) to prove any name change

• Recent bank statement or utility account with current residential address.

6. The Customer Service Officer will process your application and give you the approved form with the receipt and Seniors Card number imprinted on it. This is your temporary Seniors Card which can be used immediately, in Tasmania only.

7. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of your permanent Seniors Card which can be used interstate as well as in Tasmania.

8. For further information contact the Seniors Card Program at or phone 1300 13 55 13.

9. Seniors cards in the Australian Capital Territory

1. The ACT seniors card is available if you are:


• Over 60

• who are permanent residents of the ACT

• are not in paid employment for more than 20 hours per week.

2. You Will need to complete an application form

3. Application forms for the ACT are NOT available online.

4. Applications for a Seniors Card are available from Canberra Connect Shopfronts, ACT Public Libraries or the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Office at Hughes Community Centre.

5. You will need the following in order to complete the form

Acceptable forms of identification include:

• Proof of Residency: Driver’s Licence, ACT Government Invoice, Bank Papers, DSS Pension or DVA Pension Card.

• Proof of Birth: Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate or Extract, Australian Passport (Provides proof of birth date only).

• Your application will be witnessed by shopfront, library or COTA staff, then you will be issued with a new Seniors Card and the current ACT Seniors Card Directory.

How do I get a Seniors Card if I am unable to go to a lodgement location?

You can nominate a representative who can obtain an application form for you from a lodgement location.

Complete the form in the presence of one of the following witnesses: Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, Bank Manager, Doctor (Medical), Chemist, Police Officer, Minister of Religion, Lawyer, Post Master or Electoral Registrar.

The witness is to sight proof of Age & residency. (see above for forms of identification). The witnesses name, signature and business stamp must appear on the application form.

The representative can then lodge the form at a lodgement location and a Seniors Card will be issued.

One of the most common questions asked by seniors is, “How do I get a seniors card?”

how do i get a seniors card in australia

If this guide has not answered your question, the below link is the government’s official guide for how you get a seniors card: