How to use the internet to pursue or improve your hobby

Do you have a hobby or an interest that you want to pursue or improve upon?

While we may often be used to our hobbies by meeting with friends, attending classes or joining a local group, the world is quickly changing, and a great way to gather information, share information and find people who share similar interests is the Internet. Often you might be in a geographically remote area, or you might have an interest that is very specific and few people have the skills that you need in order to progress, or you might just be interested in a new perspective.

While face to face contact and are very rewarding, the Internet should not be viewed as a terrifying foe, rather as a helper that can enrich your interests. But getting started on the online world can be a difficult and daunting task.

One of the first places to start is a Google search it may seem that this is a little to obvious, but the best place to start is to simply type in what you are looking for and hit search. This might be “how to make earrings “or “information about woodwork.”

Try a range of word combinations, and look beyond the first page of search results. You may also be interested in something very specific that you can identify in an image, if this is the case, try a word search and then choose the image selection in above the search term, this will let you look at all the images related to that word and take you to the websites that have that image.

Once you have found several sites that have the information you are interested in you should visit them to ensure that they are legitimate and have all that you are interested in.  If you find some information that you are interested in, you might be able to establish email contact and ask to be put in touch with local groups or you can simply add your stat e or suburb to  your search and you might find one in your area.

Here are a few places that you might find information from:


Groups and Associations

There are a range of different groups and associations that you might find links to on the Internet. These could be local, national or international groups or associations, some might have chat rooms that you can join, others may have links to suppliers and training that you might be interested in.

You should ensure that these sites are legitimate but often you will find like minded individuals who are willing to help you and share their information and skills.




YouTube has a wealth of videos which will show you how to do just about anything. Go and search for your hobby or interest and you’ll find many like-minded people who will help you. Also check out our Guide On YouTube to show you more about how to use YouTube.

Hobby Sites

You may be aware of hobby sites for your particular site, you may have heard of them through friends, found them online or been directed to them by hobby shops. Again be wary but often the enthusiast on these sites will be more than willing to help you further your hobby.



Pintrest is akin to a pin board on the Internet where you can look at ideas that people have on their pin board and pin it to yours. Many people who pin on pint rest may have websites; stalls or information hat would be useful for your hobby.


Etsy is more of an online shop that sells hand made crafts and makes it easy for smaller business to sell their wares.


What to be wary of:

·      Never give out your details to anyone you don’t know personally

·      Never give out your bank details

·      Never agree to meet up with someone you don’t know personally Never post photos that could give away personal information about yourself

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