Sochi 2014 Olympics for Seniors

The whole world is abuzz again with Olympic fever and with such a picturesque setting, incorporating both the beaches and the mountains, you can see why.

It is such a great experience to watch the top sportsmen and women compete against one another, showing off their skills, and their young fit healthy bodies.

And while it may be amazing to watch I always get the itch to join in. Now many seniors may think that this is beyond them, they may feel that tingle to join in, but convince themselves that they are too old, or no one their age would compete or want to join in, but this is simply not the case.

There are many seniors competing in a wide variety of sports, indeed there are even the senior Olympics which are increasing in popularity.

These games are open to over fifties and a brief look at their website: is a clear indication of how popular these games are.

There are a range of YouTube videos of previous events and competitors if you are interested as well.

While it may just seem like a fun idea to start up your favorite sport again, or indeed try your hand at a new sport , it is far more than that.

Many studies have shown that active seniors have a healthier social life, they are more independent and sport often help manage pain and illness. A healthy lifestyle can reduce symptoms of many diseases, while still improving your mood and increase your flexibility.

So while you are watching the Sochi Olympics, think about starting up your own exercise regime and maybe we will be writing about you one day.

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