The Cloud and Backing up to the cloud

You may have heard a lot recently about the cloud and backing up to the cloud.

Unlike the name suggests this is not something airy fairy or that exists in the ether somewhere, the cloud exists in a physical location and is simply another backup of your computer or parts of your computer or phone.

The cloud or cloud computing refers to a network of computers where your information is stored and that you can access. Usually these networks of computers are in a physical location or several and you are usually paying a monthly fee to a corporation who will now allow you access to your information when you request it.

There are usually large warehouse like structures in many locations across the globe that hold the information that you have sent to the cloud and will allow you access when you request it.

There are a few concerns with cloud computing and some are valid but the degree to which people are concerned varies.

The first concern is that once you upload your data to the cloud, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set our by a corporation (such as apple) and those terms and conditions usually in some way outline that your data is now also their data, the terms and conditions are poorly set put and have yet to be tried and most people are not too concerned about the data that they have on the cloud getting out so not so worrying really unless there is a hack which is possible, a cloud hack is theoretically possible and could expose sensitive details.

The other detail that people are often worried about is that in the future cloud companies may make you watch ads so that you can access your data, so before you could even update a word document you would have to watch an ad.

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