Toys for your grandchild

While many children’s Christmas/birthday lists may include a range of toys and devices that are expressive and electronic in nature, these do not need to be the only gifts that they receive. As a grandparent you have the distinct advantage of having seen many different children’s toys emerge over the years and seeing what does well and what doesn’t.

Finding toys from your childhood, or toys that you remember your children playing with is not only special for your grandchild, as it has a sentimental meaning, but often may become a hot favourite.

Toys come and go in waves. With toys such as the yoyo, marble, the slinky, spinning tops, jack in the box, collector cards, skipping ropes and yo ho Diablo coming into vogue every few years in the school yard.

Children may even enjoy learning games that you played in the school yard, including ball games, singing games, or board games. Taking time away from their devices and allowing children to discover new games is a very rewarding experience.

Often childrens’ lives are very busy. Help your grandchild slow down and play only one or two games that take longer, can help improve their concentration. Many old games and toys are being lost over time. Pass them on! It can be a fun walk down memory lane for you and a great journey of discovery for your grandchildren.

Many sites such as are a great place to find long-forgotten games, as they have section for toys, and many of the toys are handmade, and hark back to older games.

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