Using Apps for Allergies

Having allergies or a child or grandchild with allergies can be terrifying as well meaning a totally new lifestyle.

It is hard to know what is in foods and food labels can be difficult to read so we have found a few apps that will help you with this. They should not be used as a substitute for reading the labels especially as food companies can suddenly change ingredients which can affect the validity of these apps. However these apps are a good guide for steering you in the right direction if you are living with an allergy.

Foodditive – $4.99

This app allows you to not only set a particular dietary restriction, such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal or gluten free, but it also allows you to mark certain additives as ok, suspect or to avoid.

To use this app you can simply type in an item and see what allergens it is flagged for, or you can search in a range of other ways including searches by classification, E-number or name.

You can also use the app to learn more about certain additives, by tapping on their name. It also includes the reactions that several allergens may cause, in case you are worried that you may have eaten something that you are potentially allergic to.

Coeliac Society of Australia Ingredient list

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed as a coeliac the start of this journey can be very confusing, but this app can help you to determine if a product or dish contains gluten. This app is specifically designed for products sold in Australia and NZ and lists over 800 ingredients and 300 additives that are used in foods in these countries.

There are other products available for you to download that allow you to eat out gluten free, as well as order in or scan barcodes to determine if something is gluten free. Remember though some Coeliac’s may have other related allergies that may not be catered for so use these as a guide only.

To see what else is available just type Coeliac Australia in the search bar. Include the Australia, as this should limit some of the products that may be great but may not cater to Australia.


There are a range of diary style apps that allow you to track what you have eaten and the symptoms caused, if you are tracking a food allergy or intolerance, It is best to ask your Dr. or Dietician which one they recommend as their preference might change based on your needs.


ECodes Free is a free app that can help you decipher what Ecodes mean. Ecodes are the codes given to chemical food additives. This app will tell you the name of the chemical associated with an E number. It will also state possible allergies, what groups in society the e number is safe for as well as why it is used in foods.

Reading Food Labels

We all know that reading food labels can be incredibly difficult and that we really don’t always understand what is in the food we are consuming. There are several apps that aim to reduce the confusing.

There are several available these will vary in price and availability. You should try and find apps that are relevant to Australia.

There are also cruelty free apps such as CCF which is the Choose Cruelty Free List. This is Australian and this list is updated biannually in June and December. You may also be interested in the AWA animal Welfare Approved food labels, although this is an American app.

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