What are #hashtags for Facebook? A quick explanation for #seniors.

Just this week, Facebook announced that it would be adding a thing called “hashtags” as a feature. Hashtags are words or sentences that follow a hash symbol, a hash symbol is this: #, and an example hashtag is: #seniors.

Hashtags came from Twitter originally and are used to indicate a subject or topic which people are discussing. This allows people who are interested in, or searching for a topic to quickly find related posts. An example of this might be discussing a sporting event, people might write a post like:

“Really enjoying this #NRL game between the #bulldogs and #stgeorge”.

This would mean that anyone searching for NRL, Bulldogs and StGeorge would see the post. On Instagram, the photo sharing app, people use hashtags to describe and share related photographs.

In the same way, Facebook is now making it so hashtags will work with their system in an integrated system that pools related information together. Currently this system is not a way to make money for Facebook, but it is expected that they will eventually allow companies to sponsor certain hashtags.

So #Whatdoesthismeanfor me?

This probably means that some people will now comment on photos or comments that you see on Facebook with hashtags.

Here are some #hashtagrules that you might like to follow in order to use hashtags in your posts correctly:

  1. No more than one or two per post or photo.
  2. Ensure your hashing cannot be misinterpreted, hashtags run all their letters together so make sure it doesn’t spell something you weren’t expecting.
  3. Keep your hashtags simple and clean.

We hope this short introduction has given you an idea of what hashtags are so you can be ahead of the curve in terms of developments on Facebook. This feature has only been rolled out in the last few days, so you’ll be one of the first to use and understand it.

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