What is this Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/LinkedIn thing?

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, all belong to a collective group called social media, media that promote you being social and interacting through technology with other people. While there is debate as to whether this is truly social or not, this article just aims to outline what each app, or program does, and why you may or may not like it. We have also included LinkedIn as it more or less falls into this category as well.


Twitter – Twitter is similar to sending a short message like an sms, of 140 characters that can be read by other people who are following you. It is used to share your thoughts on things that are happening, news events, or just your thoughts for the day. On twitter each short message is called a tweet and the people who follow you consistently are your followers, but other people can see it too. One of the benefits of having twitter is that it is a great way to make complaints that will get noticed. Companies do not like having their faults aired publicly and often a complaining tweet will receive a very fast response, as they have programs to detect when their name is mentioned and then refer this to staff to deal with appropriately. Twitter is also a nice easy step into social media, but most of the other social media we will talk about have the exact same capabilities and more.


Instagram – Instagram is comparable to an online photo album, with the added bonus that both you and other people can comment on the album. Instagram allows people to see little snapshots of your day and is a fun program that also keeps you in touch with what friends and family are doing. It is a simple app and is often installed on peoples phone, making it easy to view and upload( put pictures on the program so others can see them too) photos of what you are currently doing. Instagram allows you to out filters on photos, which can enhance the photo or the lighting in a photo. Furthermore Instagram now also allows you to post short videos for other to watch.



Facebook – Facebook is similar to an interactive journal that you know is public. Facebook allows users to post pictures, comments, links and ideas on their own page and yours. It is a simple way to keep in touch with family and friends and see what they are up to.


Snapchat- Snapchat is a messaging app that originally allowed you to message photos only that would disappear within in after being viewed once. While this is still the case, it does now allow longer viewing as well as multiple views, and basic messaging that is similar to sms. Snapchat is famous for its filters that are similar to interactive masks that you can virtually place over your face, when you take a picture. Some of these filters are interactive, so if you move the filter may come to life. The demographic that most actively engage with this social media platform are under 30, in saying that once you have someone who shows you how to use snapchat it can be a lot of fun.


LinkedIn- LinkedIn is a platform designed to help people create business networks that they know and trust, as well as allowing them to present their employment record and work related writings.

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