What to do with grandchildren

You may feel that with all their new technology and toys it is difficult to find something to do with grandchildren, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Children love attention and one of the greatest roles that grandparents can play is to be there for their grandchildren, and teach them about the world, both the modern and the past. While your grandchildren may seem like they are glued to their devices, you may find that unsticking them is not only simple but also enjoyable for you both.

Younger children simply love being with their grandparents. Like children of all previous generations, children have an unlimited ability to amuse themselves, and while it may take a little more encouragement, children are still able to make great games out of very little including boxes and everyday household items. Remember, it really won’t hurt your grandchild for them to be bored for a little while, indeed it is boredom that will probably lead them to discovering new games.

Simply taking your grandchild out for a walk and talking to them, will help to develop a special bond with them. Children that are a little older may really enjoy helping you with everyday tasks, but be prepared: these tasks may take much longer than they usually do. Allow your grandchildren to help you with your baking or cooking; having tools such as aprons ready for them, can make this something that they really look forward to.

Your grandchildren may even really enjoy learning about your garden or woodworking projects, and allowing them to join in can provide hours of fun for everyone involved.

Slightly older grandchildren may simply enjoy hearing about your life: children enjoy discovering that you were once young like them and someone other than a grandparent. While your grandchild at certain ages may not take well to being told stories, they may like hearing stories that come from looking at photo albums and asking you questions about what they are interested in about your life.

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Grandchildren like inviting you into their world, and once they understand that you have not grown up with technology, they may enjoy demonstrating all that their toys and devices can do, and be only too willing to help you with your technical problems. It might be handy to have a notepad ready and to remind them that they need to slow down what they are saying and break it into little steps, as for them often things may seem like common sense and they might skip these steps. Perhaps even drmonstrate by teaching them how to use an “old” machine like a sewing machine, which has a few “common sense” steps that are not so common anymore, so that they understand how to break down the steps.

Ensure that you enforce your house rules, it can be very difficult with grandchildren as their parents may have different rules to your house rules. Establishing early on that there are rules at grandma and granddad’s and rules at Mum and Dad’s that might be different is important.

You may like to go over these with their parents and ensure everyone is on the same page and if there are any tips or tricks that you can steal.

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